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  • Margie Robinson's Story

    If you want a doctor who is straight đŸ’¯% honest with you well this is the doctor for you. He will not lie to you if you want a doctor who will lie to you then this is not the doctor for you. I just love doctor Archer he has always been good to me and so far he is on the road to getting me back to walking again. God Bless Doctor Archer

    Source: Google reviews1
  • Kathy Erwin's Story

    Dr. Archer, He is great! We made a plan to help improve my health. Thank you for your time! The staff made me feel welcome. They are kind and efficient. Thank you! Kathy Erwin

    Source: Google reviews2
  • Jill Kelsey's Story

    My experience with Dr. Jacob Archer, his nurses, and the clinic staff, has been very positive! Dr. Archer did both my cervical & lower lumbar surgeries. He explained everthing throughly & in lay language. He showed me what would be done on a spine model, & he answered all my questions & concerns. My surgeries were very successful. I appreciate that Dr.Archer is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but he has empathy and he never rushes appointments. Follow-up care is equally professional & considerate. I would highly recommend him, the clinic personnel & The Oklahoma Spine Hospital. Five stars for Dr. Archer. J Kelsey

    Source: Google reviews3
  • Lucy Nelson's Story

    The greeter, secretary was Ellen Very nice efficient lady. The staff Explained things well. Dr Archer was kind & helpful.

    Source: Google reviews4
  • Gary Johnson's Story

    Dr. Archer and his staff were all professional at meetings with him he always explained everything. They took car of .y every needs and always did their best. I trust his judgement.

    Source: Google reviews5
  • Brian Wilkinson's Story

    Had a fusion went through the front , little scary coming from a guy who has never had a cavity much less surgery of any kind !! I must say that Dr. Archer and his team were terrific, absolutely genuine , caring and just made my visit very relaxing. .! Thank you

    Source: Google reviews6
  • Tricia Sampson's Story

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Dr Archer was very nice and professional. He explained everything well and answered all questions. Did not rush you out the door.

    Source: Google reviews7
  • Josephine Conrad's Story

    Dr.Archer was very specific about my condition and what he could do to help. Several doctors claimed I needed surgery and he explained and expressed his concerns…. Saying that surgery would not help my pain. He suggested other treatments for my cervical pain. Great Dr. and very helpful staff in his office.

    Source: Google reviews8

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